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RCN, 31/08/2013

Markus Palttala won today’s RCN round at the Nürburgring Nordschleife driving Team Schirmer’s BMW M3 V8 GT defeating the opposition when the conditions turned tricky in the end of the 2-hour race.

“I got a last-minute call to race for Schirmer to replace their regular driver who couldn’t make it and I was happy to give it a go. The car they have developed is really nice and we proved it today by beating quite a few quick GT cars. To be honest, though, when it started raining and everyone stayed on slicks, I was just trying to make sure I stayed first in our category and 2nd overall, but it turned out I was so much quicker than the leading Porsche that we got to the lead on the last lap despite them starting it with almost 1 minute advantage.”

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VLN, Round 6, 24/08/2013

Markus Palttala, Jos Menten and Stefan Landmann retired when the latter had a heavy accident early in the race, while running 2nd, and the Porsche #110 of RTR powered by Simfy was damaged beyond repairs.

“The accident was pretty rough, so the most important is that Stefan and all the other drivers and track marshals involved are OK. This 6-hour race is the highlight of the VLN-season and I feel we had the strongest package today, so of course we are all very disappointed that the race was cut so short. We just need to be patient and continue pushing hard and we will get on that top step of the podium we all want so bad.”

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