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VLN, Round 5, 20/07/2013

Markus Palttala and Jos Menten scored the first podium of the season for the SIMFY-coloured Porsche #110 of RTR (raceunion Teichmann Racing) finishing 3rd in class and 7th overall. During the last lap Palttala moved to take the lead, and 5th overall, but just moments later a fuel problem robbed the duo of a chance to win. Nevertheless, the experienced Finn was able to nurture the car home over the finish line using its service pump and thereby salvage a very respectable result.

“We race in the hotly contested Cup-class and I’m more interested in the class result than overall ranking, because all the cars of SP9, SP8 and SP7 classes are quicker than ours. Having said that, it’s always a great accomplishment to get into the top 10 overall, so I’m happy with the 7th we managed today. Of course, to see a win slip through your fingers on the last lap is very frustrating. I’m really happy for the team, who finally got some reward for their hard work. Jos also did a great job today and it’s very nice to work with an old friend.”

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